About the Book

Biology 101 proves that it takes approximately 9 months to grow a human baby.  Looks like that formula applies as well to growing a collaborative book on culture.  In September the seeds were planted and the following June our collaborative team gave launch birth to “Culture Revolution”!  It’s a beautiful baby!   I am so proud to be associated with these creative entrepreneurs who have gained wisdom on the art and science of culture through spectacular successes and even more spectacular failures!

13 Insights for Organizational Culture

What is business culture? We recognize a good one when we see one, and we certainly recognize a bad one, but what is it truly? Thirteen authors from Human resource experts, career coaches, culture experts, to business owners set out to answer this based on real-world experience, sharing their stories and frameworks to craft a picture of what it means to create and sustain a great business culture.

Within these pages you’ll learn methodologies to strategically engage your culture to drive your business forward and gain firsthand knowledge of what has worked for real businesses and business owners who have been sitting exactly where you are.

In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, a cultural revolution is underway. This book isn’t just about business; it’s about human connection and its pivotal role in driving organizational success. Entrepreneurs and leaders, this is your invitation to be at the forefront of change, ensuring not only the sustainability of your business but its profound connectivity with employees, clients, and stakeholders.

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Cheryl's Chapter

My chapter 7 in “Culture Revolution” is titled “Modern Version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:  A Cultural Twist”.  Seven is a lucky number with mystique….it’s a prime number, and represents a quest for knowledge.  Vegas pays out big on slot machine jackpots of 777!  The Pythagoreans say 7 is the union of the physical (4) with the spiritual (3).  Metaphysically 7 is associated with insight, truth, introspection, and wisdom.  That augurs well for my chapter!

My chapter 7 tells the story of a manager and his journey.  He realizes that the qualities that led him to promotional success are now being challenged by the new CEO as turnover and complaints abound in his department.  Offered a coaching opportunity, he’s presented with the gift of self-awareness.  He learns that his trouble spots are an extension of his talents and they are within his control to adapt.  His painful trek to self insight reveals he has unintentionally created a culture of fear and obedience.  He learns how he can adjust his behaviors to cause empowerment to thrive. Like Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde characters, our hero sees that good and evil resides in him, but behavior choice is his to make.

Consider that it may be time to get yourself a Cultural Readjustment or Head Shake

Learn the beliefs and values that contribute to customer delight vs customer satisfaction, and practice the skills that produce an extraordinary customer experience