Align with the customer buying process….not yours!

Shopping carts don’t work for all sales scenarios. A successful salesperson provides the customer with business solutions and personal wins. Cheryl’s sales workshops acquaint experienced salespeople with skills, techniques and processes vital to consultative and value-added selling. She challenges the concept of transactional selling and aligns relationship and sales behaviors with the customer buying process.

Case Study: Adapting to the needs of the customer

A manufacturing rep firm repositioned itself as a “demand creation distributor” because of eroding margins. Sales training had taken a backseat to product and technology training in the previous decade. Owner wanted partnering focus with goal of getting deeper penetration into Tier 1 and 2 accounts. Refresher wanted for experienced salespeople and eye-opener for newer members.

The Solution

A 6-month interactive learning initiative was designed, including interviewing supply chain professionals, pre-work, workshops, journaling, action assignments, learning teams and team coaching by owner and myself.

  • Mastering change
  • Alignment of Selling: Buying
  • Multiple Buying Influences
  • Customer Receptivity Strategy
  • Ideal Customer
  • Sales Funnel Management
  • Referral Selling
  • Value Propositions
  • Managing Commitment
  • Selling to Style
  • High Value Questioning Strategy
  • Competitive Matrix for action planning
  • Negotiating and Managing the Value Equation

The Results

Increased sales

Strengthened partnership relationship with customers and suppliers due to increased trust

Matching sales actions to Style preferences

Assessing sales situations through a competitive lens to pinpoint critical actions

Increased use of referrals to identify new opportunities vs cold calls

Better time allocation through Sales Funnel management

Tailored Value Statements to new buyers to pique interest

Customized Value Propositions during presentations with quantifiable promises of value

Newbies or Experienced? Do you have a great product but customers aren’t buying?