If anyone is on the fence on working with Cheryl, don’t think about what it costs you to do so. Think about what it will cost you NOT to.

—Carl Hung
Michelle Powell — Canada
Web Support Specialist at Schleese Saddlery Service

Working with Cheryl was delightful; she was very informative, motivational and very spirited in her delivery – I couldn’t help wanting to learn and utilize the strategies and make her proud of my progress. You not only met with Cheryl; you actually received a well organized, in-depth, insightful and thoughtful review [report] after each meeting – her reports clearly showed that she worked just as hard as I did throughout the 12-sessions. She wisely requested that you re-read the report 3x to ensure the material was truly absorbed and gave you the ability to use the information, guidelines and tactics to one’s advantage within not only your working environment but your personal life too. Working with Cheryl is time well worth spending if you are willing to put in the effort and utilize the acquired information and practical skills.

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Marie-Claire Duquette, BA — Canada
Marketing Manager, Scheese Saddlery Service Ltd.

My coaching sessions with Cheryl began in the fall of 2020, at which point I was starting my transition from the role of Marketing Associate to Marketing Manager. With Cheryl’s help and guidance, this transition was seamless. I learned several useful strategies and personality models that, once applied, truly helped me grow, expand my knowledge about myself and my colleagues, as well as improve my problem solving and situation analyses.

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Carl Hung — Hong Kong
Interested in all things IoT, EMS, Tech, Startups, Leadership and Culture

I have known Cheryl since December of 2016, and in less than 10 months of working with her as a trainer, coach and consultant (really all three capacities!) she has helped bring on massive positive transformation in the company. We are embarking on a new strategy, restructuring our company’s organisation and also providing our team members with the training to support this new strategy all stemming from Cheryl. If any one is on the fence on working with Cheryl, don’t think about what it costs you to do so. Think about what it will cost you NOT to.

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David MacLean — Canada
Co-founder at Little Canada, member of Board of Directors

I have been working with, mentored by, listened to, and of course coached by Cheryl since early 2019, upon a recommendation from Hugh Latiff, Chairman of the Board of Little Canada. Cheryl’s approach is friendly and understanding, while maintaining a professional style. My style and approach as a business leader has been thoroughly examined, looking at both positives and negatives, and this has been an introspective, meaningful, and educational experience.

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I have been through a wide range of experiences, emotions, learning moments, eureka moments, reality checks, detailed guidance, tough love, you name it

—Mike Caws
Steve Wilks — UK
Managing Director IGO Europe Limited

I first met Cheryl when I attended one of her training events near to the start of my sales career. She gave me many tips and processes that had a significant effect on my ability to support customers and bring them success. However, it was not just the “techniques” that she provided to me that made such an impression – it was also the way in which she delivered them. She took a real interest in our business and wanted to know about our challenges so that she could offer great, practical and timely advice – not just in how to work with customers but also in how to manage my own life to reduce stress and so perform at the highest possible level.

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Dan Henes — Canada
VP Research and Development at Northern Digital Inc.

I always think of your unbounded energy and your customer focused passion. Your teachings continue to influence my thinking 20 years on. Stay well!

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Mike Caws — UK
Site Leader at Season Electronics

I was first introduced to Cheryl in 2017 whilst on a McQuaig training course in Dongguan China, I was overwhelmed by the training style, level of detail and enthusiasm for the course, which invariably made the recommendation to sign up for a course of coaching sessions a no brainer. As an aspiring General Manager, new to the role, Cheryl was just the right person to assist me with my self-development. Since that first encounter, I have been through a wide range of experiences, emotions, learning moments ,eureka moments, reality checks, detailed guidance, tough love, you name it, Cheryl has been there to support me and keep me honest to myself and my colleagues.

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Charles Tonna — Canada
Executive Vice President at Microart Services Inc.

“Wow” is how I start my description of Cheryl! I met Cheryl in the early 2000’s while I was working as a Program Manager at Celestica. in 2003, I was in my 2nd training program with Cheryl, “Designing the Customer Experience”. It was a program I had to take twice as on the first or second day my wife called and I had to rush to the hospital in all kinds of excitement as she had gone into labour for the birth of our first child. This was memorable and in typical Cheryl fashion she was very interested and followed up regularly.

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Working with Cheryl is likely the most uncomfortable I’ve been in a while in the context of personal and professional development – and I mean that in the best way possible!

—Zachary Geiser
Zachary Geiser — US
Project Manager at TE Connectivity

I had the privilege of working with Cheryl over the first couple of months of the year to gain a better understanding of the cultures, nations, and styles represented on my project teams. With Cheryl as my coach, we were able to look at the approach I took in leading my project teams to gain improved commitment to tasks and to facilitate progress toward meeting our customer’s needs and expectations. We first identified the areas for improvement and Cheryl then provided the resources and tools to help me make the changes. Additionally, She was present every step of the way to provide input and guidance as I worked to implement those changes. Working with Cheryl is likely the most uncomfortable I’ve been in a while in the context of personal and professional development – and I mean that in the best way possible! I believe that I’ve grown tremendously with Cheryl as my coach and I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re looking for a coach, now is as good a time as ever to partner with Cheryl! You won’t regret it!

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Joseph Bolewitz — US
CTO, Vice President of Engineering at TE Connectivity

I have had the privilege of working with Cheryl for almost 15 years after first taking her “Customer for Keeps” training in 2006. She is one of the most dynamic and engaging trainers that I have ever met. Her “Customers for Keeps” training in 2006 had a significant impact on me. I can honestly say that the techniques she taught have stayed with me in what I do each day. It enhanced my listening skills, guides my approach in negotiating and conflict resolution and has greatly improved my customer engagements. These skillsets are key to building the trust and respect critical to success with internal and external customers. Over the years, we’ve had Cheryl provide numerous trainings within our organization as it does provide practical skills that have demonstrated positive results. If you are seeking to provide truly “Extraordinary Customer Experience” to drive business results, I highly recommend her training courses as she will give each participant the actionable tools and techniques to achieve it.

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Emma Coltoff — US
Engineer by degree, interdisciplinary by nature

I worked with Cheryl over the last six weeks to improve my customer interactions (both external customers/suppliers and internal customers — my manufacturing and quality teams in the plant). Needless to say, Cheryl’s guidance enabled me to make huge strides in the way I interact with my clients and my teammates. I am young in my career and still have a lot to learn, but I already feel worlds more confident in clarifying what is requested of me to truly complete a task successfully, recognizing that I need to respect my own schedule (otherwise, who else will?), and leveraging my inexperience to my advantage to create constructive dialogue. Conversations with Cheryl flowed effortlessly and I found it easy to explain to her my struggles and my strengths — and she picked up on many I did not know myself. She gave me some challenging assignments, but as soon as I implemented a new outlook or approach into my work day, things changed for the better for me. I cannot recommend Cheryl enough if you are looking for coaching!

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Randy Ziegenhagel — Canada
"Complex Sales" and "Organizational Health" coach, trainer and doer

I have been privileged to work for two different companies that hired Cheryl as a trainer and coach for its leadership teams and personnel. Each time I participated in Cheryl’s training I’ve come away learning something new – without exception. Her content is extremely thorough, and it has made a difference each time we implemented her training. Cheryl is a fantastic communicator and teacher at every level of an organization. Her ability to add value to whomever she speaks with has been a tremendous advantage.

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