I have had the pleasure of knowing Cheryl Crumb since 2 years ago. Time flies! I still remember I met her the first time in Los Angeles for a Sales Training – “Getting to Commitment” that organized by Season Group. I was impressed with Cheryl’s enthusiasm to share, observation on people behaviors and ability of asking questions in a professional way. Since then, I had chance to join more customer service trainings ran by her and even organized several training classes with her. She is not only my coach now, but also my best friend. She inspired me to think more and encouraged me to express and act bravely in difficult situations. She made me to realize that I have a few strengths that I did not even notice before. She certainly helps me to understand myself better, let me keep learning and improving. Cheryl would be a true asset for anyone who desired for better personal development and polishing communication skill, so here comes with my heartfelt recommendation. Thanks Cheryl!

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