I worked with Cheryl over the last six weeks to improve my customer interactions (both external customers/suppliers and internal customers — my manufacturing and quality teams in the plant). Needless to say, Cheryl’s guidance enabled me to make huge strides in the way I interact with my clients and my teammates. I am young in my career and still have a lot to learn, but I already feel worlds more confident in clarifying what is requested of me to truly complete a task successfully, recognizing that I need to respect my own schedule (otherwise, who else will?), and leveraging my inexperience to my advantage to create constructive dialogue. Conversations with Cheryl flowed effortlessly and I found it easy to explain to her my struggles and my strengths — and she picked up on many I did not know myself. She gave me some challenging assignments, but as soon as I implemented a new outlook or approach into my work day, things changed for the better for me. I cannot recommend Cheryl enough if you are looking for coaching!

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